Monday, October 31, 2011

Absolutely nothing in moderation*

This has been such a crazy day. First of all: surviving the ice chunck or brick or whatever (after falling from some Central Park condos roof it smashed like one inch away from me on the sidewalk and couldn't be identified afterwards). Then I've been to the cinema at 10.30 am, which might sound unusual, but not to the New Yorkers, because it was well-attended (AMC theatres at Lincoln Square). And "Rum Diary", thumbs up!!! Well, I guess, if you are not into that Gonzo-thing then you might critizise the lack of story, but if you are: Have a seat, movie-time!

Bookstore! Barnes and Nobles is so much fun, I could stay there for hours just browsing. And please note the clear blue sky and the sun, because there is another shitstorm (haha), sorry, snowstorm coming up just tonight. So it's gonna be all grey and sludgy tomorrow. Fun fact: This evening my mother emailed me, that she is worried about the three to four inches of snow that will fall on the East Coast tomorrow. Those won't be snowflakes! I didn't really know what she was talking about, because I thought this whole snow-scenario to be over, unless I checked on Au contraire, the worst is yet to come...

Calm down, have some vitamins: veggies from the market at Columbus ave, just in front of the Museum of Natural History

I like to send postcards, I really do. And why not doing it BIG TIME at the Big Apple. Therefore I've been buying stamps at the General Post Office (8th avenue)

Can you say "Woah" with me?

Now, isn't this a gorgeous place to write a postcard?

My thoughts exactly! Now Martina knows where I wrote her epic postcard :) (And I neeeeeed a haircut)

* Funny: That's kind of my life motto, not by choice, somehow by fate.


  1. ach ja, kannst du mir please ein paar süßigkeiten mitbringen? gerade diese halloween m&ms und diese halloween reese´s peanut butter dingens.... ein hämmerchen! (ju)

  2. haircut? ich war am samstag bei annemarie ;-) kussi

  3. Ich will auch zu Annemarie, mennööööööö. Kussi!


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