Sunday, October 16, 2011

I got the Blues


Yesterday I went to see a football game. Because the pro-season is already over I went to see the Varsity Blues, Torontos university team. That was really awesome, regarding I have absolutely no clue about football. The Blues mascot, of course, a squirrel! Or something like that. What I thought even more amusing: the commentator did actually commercials like "Don't forget students can save 10 percent on this and that or "pizza pizza, Toronto varsity blues only real pizza". Hilarious. And something publishers in Germany might consider as well, they always thanked the audience for supporting their advertisers. That made it actually bearable. Subtext: "Thank you for supporting our advertisers, yeah we are annoyed ourselfs, but hey, pizza pizza is paying for our chearleaders pom poms".

Torontos players are, you might have guessed, the blue ones (the others are the Western Ontario Mustangs)

What are your plans, boys? Well, we just take them down...

Or one of them. No worries, he was fine after five minutes...

I couldn't believe it, they were wearing tights!!! (and it was like 12 degrees outside)

Could also be a great ad for anti-depressants "Go Blues, Go!

Ok, in the end, the Blues lost, but well, it was fun to watch anyway

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