Thursday, October 20, 2011

I art Toronto ♥


Today I was visiting the exhibition "Chagall and the Russian Avant-Garde" in the Art Gallery of Ontario. And because I have a press card, I got in there for free. 25 Dollars, SAVED! I could have done a happy dance on the spot, but decided against it. I never thought I would get away with it, because it didn't work in London a couple of years ago (the press card not the happy dance)


The AGO in all its beauty in front of Toronto's grey-blue sky

After the art-class I wanted to explore Chinatown, but this shop was already my last. "Furama cake & desserts", famous for their buns and pastries. They are really nice to look at, but I was hungry. So I had the raisin bun - fine - and the teriyaki bun - error - I don't know if it was the bun, haha, how funny is the word "the bun", sounds like a newspaper. Whatever, I was halfway done with the bun (it rhymes halfway, too) and I started feeling quite funny. I stopped eating (brilliant idea), sat down and after half an hour with cold sweat, stomach ache and thoughts like "I don't want to die like this", I was fine again. So, Chinatown, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
Certain bad luck is actually "a blessing in disguise." (Chinese proverb)

塞 翁 失 马

Btw., before I got pastry-pain, I found this. It might make someone very happy :)


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