Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am in glove!

Photo on 2011-10-17 at 08.56 #2
Canadians do love shopping. I try not to become too canadian at that part, but I couldn't resist buying a pair of these gloves, which I wanted since the Winter Olympics 2010, but they were sold out all over the country. My host (Ricky, you should know him by now), told me that everyone went totally crazy about them and Canadians really got into the spirit of the Olympic Games. So Canada got a "Wintermärchen" :) Did anyone not see the hockey-finale USA vs. Canada? Just the memory gives me goosebumps. Go watch it on youtube!


  1. hey du! ich lese gerade ein bisschen blog nach, weil wir hier in wien internet for free haben. also: me want the gloves AS WELL!!! (ju, die einzige die hier kommentiert anscheinend ;0))

  2. hihi, ja Du und meine Schwester. Für Dich habe ich die Hanschuhe sowieso schon gekauft (Birthdaygirl) ;)

  3. luv u :0)))) (ju)


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