Friday, October 28, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters / Are you ready for Bro-vember?

Shown in the Museum of Modern Amusement: Hilarious Anecdotes, Highly Affordable (MoMA-HAHA)
I made it! It really was raining cats and dogs (like really big ones, no puppies) and I was an hour early, so I had to find a place to kill time. Of course I went in the wrong direction (I really need to work on that skill, without google maps on my cellphone I am so lost). And of course where I was heading, there were no coffee shops, but a hell lot of delis (Which we would call a "Späti" in Germany. Like a kiosk, only smaller and even more stuffed). I waited in front of them, as a guy came up to me, he was all like "come in here, *shopowner* get this young lady this and that." As I would find out later, I have been running into one of the neighbourhoods best known herb-expert (let's leave it at that). We talked a little and as I wasn't feeling extremely safe, I thought it to be good staying in the shop and chat.


And he did give me some helpful tips, like: with luggage stay on the well-lit streets, like 145th. Then, go up to Saint Nicholas Avenue (where I am staying) As I removed the airplane-tags from the bags, he commented "well, that's a smart move". Ok, the neighbourhood where I live is actually very nice, but if you go up a couple of blocks it is getting a little awkward. ( At least I feel like that)
Well, he asked me to call him for coffee, but (even if that would be a killer story) I don't think I should really. For protection of sources (and myself) this number has been overclouded :) I just thought it to be so funny that he actually writes his name a little bit like the heading of the Derrick-series. (Which he tends to not know) And he taught me a cool handshake, like bro-dude-style.

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