Friday, October 21, 2011

Horton hears a "who?"

"Tim Hortons" is everywhere. You can't go anywhere in Toronto without facing the bright red sign of the coffee-shop. I asked myself frequently, who is this guy? As I found out, he played hockey for the Maple Leafs, then opened the eponymous chain in 1964. He is dead already, but he must have died a rich man. Today you can get bagels, donuts, sandwiches, soups and stuff like that too. The shops are (mostly) open 24/7. There is one in walking distance, where I got a french vanilla capuccino in "large" this morning (and they mean LARGE) for 1,90, which is 1,40 Euro. Try getting a coffee at starbucks for that price. And they know their business, they got famous for selling the cut out middle pieces of donuts as "Tim Bits". What actually happens to the hole-pieces from Bagels? Can one turn that into capital as well? I am still thinking about it... ("Hole-Bread", "Hole in one", "Bread Bit"... I already have a name for it, that's a start!)

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