Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beach, baby!

The beach, also known as "the beaches", is a lovely neighbourhood, a seaside resort which has retained the charm of the days, when it has been a summer hideaway (at about 1900) for the Toronto population. It has a three kilometer boardwalk at the waterfront of Lake Ontario, which I was happy to walk all the way. Doing a hell lot of walking recently, but that's the only chance to avoid becoming obese in no time. (Oh, do I love pumpkin muffins!)

Walk with me, click


With it being so hard buying alcohol, where do people get drugs? Haha, I went to buy beer yesterday at "the beer store". It was a real kind of adventure. But I will tell you about that later

You don't want to swim there either. They say its safe in summer and pollution is not so bad, but I didn't get the dip-and-dive-feeling. It's still a beautiful place with all the Queen Anne-style houses and beach-benches to sit on and stare at the water. It was quite windy yesterday, but being used to stormy weather, I really enjoyed it

Sunshine breaking through the clouds

I found another bicycle from the art project I told you about in the entry "Riverside rocks"

There was this lovely decoration knick-knack store, which was a little messy, because they were "just flipping over for christmas", as the assistant told me. I know the christmas stocking tradition is not very popular in Germany, but why not actually? I really liked the green and white one (and that with the reindeer obviously), but wasn't willing to pay 40 bucks for it. It should be easy to do stuff like that by oneself. Well, not for me, because I am hopeless with handicraft work, but if someone is looking for a present for my UPCOMING BIRTHDAY :)...

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