Monday, October 24, 2011

ZINES and Editor-in-Pants

Woke up to sunshine and a blue sky (actually a "first" in Toronto). I thought the day couldn't get any better, until I arrived at the "Canzine". And yes, that is the CN Tower in the background, which I refuse to visit, because a) it is ugly and b) it is 553 metres high (you can go up to 346 metres). And I am not into heights. I wouldn't visit the Eiffel Tower if I was in Paris. Back to the Canzine, ... if you would follow me, please

That's it in few words: People who write, create, design etc. their zines showing/ selling their art at the event (Side note: Blackberrys are big in Canada)

Sometimes they do other stuff as well, but let's get a little bit closer

See? There is more...

Some do kinky buttons

Others cook tasty food

Again others bake devilicious muffins (Sullivan & Bleeker Bakery, Toronto)

For which you will sell your soul at any price!

You can watch artists at work

I bought this little zine, it's too darn cute

I bought more stuff. Okay, you want to see the buttons?

Some of them were gifts

Fabulous find: "Worn" is a great fashion journal. "We don't tell people what to wear", that's how they got me

They have a kick-ass masthead! Editor-in-Pants beats every job title I know. Go cry in your office, little-bitty editor at large!

A great idea from the!

OMG, it is haunting me! I asked the artist (who is chinese), why she chose the word.
She doesn't speak any german, she just picked it up from the internet and it is kind of catchy ... well, it definitely sticks.

One of my favourite pictures

Meet the artist

I gotta say, that was a full load of creativity at the Canzine. Those people amaze me, they put so much effort in their zines. For most of them its more like an hobby, that pays for itself, while they have other jobs or study. Some actually make a living from it. I figured it would be mainly science-fiction-based zines, but that's just one facet. It's hard to narrow it down, simply because you can't. There is an incredible variety. From poetry, short stories, journal-style, monothematic issues and art based-zines (photography, illustration, comics etc) to more magazine-style-like ones. I don't know if this is popular in Berlin, I never heard of it, but I have already some ideas for creating my own...

This being the first


  1. oha, was trägst du für ein hübsches senf-dress! me likey! me likey as well: den little britain button!yeah! (ju)

  2. vicky pollard? ja, die war pflicht. oh, das kleid ist von COS und das hab ich schon ne weile. hatte gestern auch viele fans hier (modetechnisch hab ich hier noch keinen brüller-laden gefunden, selbst bananarepublic ist irgendwie lame)

  3. ja, über bananarepublic schrub einst mr. coupland sehr lustige und böse dinge. (das ist so wie hier mit h&m. jeder sieht gleich aus)


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