Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knowing him? Knowing who?

I ran into a film shooting yesterday. This is not unusual, because there are many TV-production companies based in Toronto and you can see cameras, actors (and sometimes hords of costumized people) on a regular basis in the neighbourhood. As there was quite a crowd gathering, I was curious to know, what was going on. They were filming a scene for the TV drama series "The Firm" in front of one of the many office buildings/ condos at Bloor St east. "The Firm" is a sequel to the John Grisham novel and the film version of 1993. It will be aired in 2012.


Action.... (and actors!)

Busy place

Busy film-crew (as always)

Busy (with freshly trimmed hair) actor. If you haven't recognized him immediately (I didn't), this is Callum Keith Rennie, co-starring with Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis (not present) in "The Firm". Luckily there was an expert standing next to me, I just asked "Is he famous or something" and he recited like Rennie's complete filmography, including the most recent appearances in "24" and "CSI Miami".
"You will probably know him from that"
"Yeeah" (I have never seen Callum Keith Rennie before, but I didn't want to be the kill-joy of the fan-area)

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