Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving on

Sorry for posting so late, but I had to move today :) Ricky was already gone, so no teary farewell, but I am a still a little sad, because I had the (at least from my point of view) most amazing gift for him. A Volkswagen for all his pens and markers. 100 % made in Germany, I bought it at "Werkhaus" which is located in the Modulor-building in Berlin Kreuzberg. They do have a lot of great stuff there, all made out of recycled papers. Just a hint if you are already looking for christmas gifts. Ricky and I communicated a lot over his computer, because I was mostly gone over the day and he had to work. He left the funniest messages, a picture behind the cut.

Photo on 2011-10-16 at 12.30
Ricky, if you don't want the picture to be online, just write me an email, I just think it is hilarious!

Okay, so I went from Riverside a little more to western Toronto and all the Sherbourne St. up north to Rosedale. And the up-grade is visible! I really liked the little house, but now I have the stunning view from a 24th-floor apartment in a condo. My new airbnb host is Leandro, he is very nice, he works in the IT-Business and like Ricky, he is gay. I just felt, that I had to say that at one time, as it might concern people, that I am living with men, I actually don't even know (It's okay Mom, there is no known canadian airbnb-killer, I checked twice ;)

Just a quick glance at my new room, haven't taken any pictures of the residence yet, but I have been busy watching art and all that (more about that to come)

This building is 28 stories high, as usual there is no 13th floor. And I call it "Alcatraz", because you need a code-card to get in, in addition to the actual key. And there is like a concierge sitting at a (what looks like marble, but I bet its not) desk. I wonder what he's doing the whole day. I am feeling a little creepy lately, bt in a good way! Must be all the pumpkin (btw. pumpkin latte, way to go!!!) I love Halloween, boo, I do!

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