Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheers, Canada!

It can't get any more canadian from this part :) I will drink to that, but it took a while to figure things out. Buying alcohol is not very easy in Toronto. Canadian/Ontario law seems to be even stricter than the US. You can't buy any alcohol in grocery stores or convenience stores. You get beer at "the beer store", which looks pretty much like a pharmacy, but well, you see the difference. Also, it has no beer boxes or bottles in it. There is a desk (where you will line up to be served) and a lot of signs telling you the prices of premium, imported or whatever-is-on-sale-brand beer. When its your turn, you will go to the shop assistant (you can drop empties as well) and tell exactly what you want. You can choose from a single bottle to what seemed like several boxes. During this whole process you actually feel like a somewhat methadone-patient. I guess, thats the purpose. It's alright for me, because teenager should not get wasted all the time and really nobody should. You can only buy wine and booze at a LCBO store (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). I have seen exactly one LCBO store during my entire journey, but I wasn't really looking for one, so they might be more common. Ok, enough with all the laws and awes. Because I am in Canada I ordered "Canadian"!I am not really an expert on beer, but thats not too good. It should be labeled "sparkling", there is too much gas in it. Well, I will stay sober and silly just like that.
Cheers, however!

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