Thursday, October 13, 2011


Epic is a word I read a lot today, "epic sale", "epic guaranty", so I will show you my
personal choice of epics from today. I am, again, very tired, therefore I will keep it short.
By the way, this is the epic little house I told you about yesterday

Epic (new to me) newspaper size. Is there a name for it? Haven't seen this format before

Epic laugh. The deadliest of all deadlines

Epic coffee! My host told me about this place and I don't use this word very often, but
it is perfect. The coffee is beyond awesome, the shop is so so so lovely and the
staff is super friendly. Will go there again, definitely!

Because I am actually a little in love with this place, this is the entry. I think they run more than one shop in Toronto, if you ever have the chance, this one is on 2 Matilda St (cute address, too)

Epic Squirrel. Everybody knows I love squirrels, right? There are little black ones around here.
Strangely, they get very slow when crossing the street, but can run at a normal squirrel speed too. I have at least observed three slow-squirrels crawling across the street. I don't know, maybe they just dig the feeling of danger... This one is having lunch, I guess

Epic Street. You can't do that much, but that strangely feels okay....

I still haven't found out, how you can do a proper "more pics behind the cut"-thing around here, so you will have to live with all the pictures loading. Sorry, I will change that as soon as I can!


  1. jetzt schon: epic miss and epic neid von mir! :0) (ju, again)

  2. epic new idea: thinking about visiting the toronto zoo! du musst am 22.10 herkommen, dann ist der toronto zombie-walk, das waere lustig.

  3. das sieht ja alles feini aus ;-) freu mich für dich! trink einen kaffee für mich mit, der sieht so gut aus und man kann nie wach genug sein!

  4. ha, den zombie-walk hab ich damals in düsseldorf gesehen. das ist schon recht lustig!


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