Thursday, October 27, 2011

School girls skirts*

Really, that's a respectable length for a school-uniform skirt? But I like the stockings and especially the Birkenstock (two girls on the left side) to mess up the look. A little research: They are going to an independent girls school (Branksome Hall). That's probably why nobody cares about the actual over-the-knee-attitude. And if we thereto trust wikipedia information, they are all brainy overachievers by status. "Generally, all graduates proceed to university, many with scholarships"

*Say that ten times fast

Erm...I don't get that

Impressions... St. Peter Church at Bathurst

Cabbagetown is a neigbourhood just a five to ten minutes walk from here. You ask yourself, why cabbagetown? Picture + answer = picswer! The nineteenth century irish immigrants grew cabbages in their yards instead of flowers. Lovely tradition, maybe something new for the garden-section in Germany too, as we have a history of the "Kohl-Ära" ourselves :)

I love a book sale, but can't buy any, because they are heavy and my suitcase is already packed like a tetris-game at level 4, so no stuff... :(

Especially liked this one

My favourite postcard (By the way, it costs two dollars for a postcard to Europe, that is business class mailing! I hope mine drink a lot of champagne on their way!!!)

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