Monday, October 31, 2011


The play was awesome. I haven't been to the theater in a while, so just mind-boggeling (ha, new word from my "vocabulary today" test :) really it's an amazing crew. By the way: This is just the subway station (pic) I got off to see it, I didn't take any photos during the play. I would recommend it to everyone visiting New York, but like I already said, it was the last performance. Because of the rain (snow changed to rain in the evening) I could not walk through Soho like I planned, but it was really nice. I bet it's even nicer when you don't have to jump over puddles and torrents of water on the street.

Halloween is near, you can tell (My home-station, one of three actually)

Oh and I have found this on my hosts corkboard, I just think it is very inspiring. Well, you might want to read it and then like it (or not), but I guess you will

Film-Shoot(at Central Park). Once you keep looking for them...they are everywhere!

That's what is left of yesterdays snow in Harlem (this morning). But hey: Another snowstorm coming right up...

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