Monday, October 31, 2011

AWESOME Bro-Code #210

That was fun: There is this building on Penn St, I couldn't really figure out if it was an office building or condo or whatsoever, but there was this huge screen promoting "how I met your mother" in the basement (when it is airing etc.) and besides you could do this interactive thing called "what's your Bro-Code". You have to know the show to get it. It's like this book of rules made by Barney what bros do and what they don't do.

Bros totally do the jump

You had to type it on a giant touch screen, which was a little tricky

Afterwards your Bro-Code appears on an even more gigantic screen. Mine was actually postet on their twitter-account too. Legendary! And all of a sudden you are the talk of the town ;)
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