Saturday, October 29, 2011

Park and run

New York made it up to me for being all rainy and bitchy yesterday. I woke up at 7.30 to rays of sunshine. Open the curtains, get dressed, we're going to Central Park! I never made it to Central Park, this time I made it through Central Park (yup, all of it)

Its only ca. seven degrees, so the sunshine might be a little bit misleading. I was happy to be warmed by my scarf and my gloves! By the way, I knew I was here before...but I couldn't remember why...Tricky

That was it! CNN! (Picture-PS: I think random people running into random pictures make random photos far more interesting, don't you?)

We're only getting started, but I already want to take a look back! Therefore I had to climb up some solid rock (or whatever it is)

That's the Central Park mountain :)

Bench, Baby! In Central Park kann man schon mal was auf die lange Bank schieben
(it doesn't translate). In case you ask yourself, what's with the red stuff? Thats a fluff from my gloves, I could have edited the picture, but I am too tired. And hey: it's far more realistic that way (it was freaking cold)

I like to read why benches were dedicated to certain people, I like to read the ones, who are a little bit more creative even more. And there is the glove again!

That's Shakespear (in shorts, muahaha)

Fund raiser for the park or as I would like to call it "a hell of a tree tip"

It costs 20000 Dollars to get one of those memorial-plates (and the according tree)

Of course one isn't enough for Donald Trump ;)

Finally the secret is solved, why there are so many movies or TV series shot in Toronto. In New York you have to pay an extra tax for filming (I did some undercover listening of a tourist guide's speech). That's why a lot of scenes taking place in New York were actually shot in Toronto or Montreal, because there are (indeed) places that look just like Manhattan, Downtown or the financial district (editor's note: only so much cleaner).

That was at 10 am at a popular tourist spot. To the left are some stairs, where a tiny drill instructor (not in the picture) had five housewives run up and down like crazy. Talking about crazy: I have never seen so many people running their hearts (and lungs) out like in Central Park. I mean, it is a nice place for that. But jogging is not really the correct word. They were running, and they were doing it way too fast. You know I have just a little bit of knowledge about training and heartrates and I would say, 80 % were doing it all wrong. I would have wanted to stop some of those suicical speed-junkies and yell at them: You will still die horribly early if you do THAT to yourself, you know! One should do a photo exhibition with pictures of those lunatic red faced, heavy breathing runners and as caption nothing but their heartrates. That would be fun, scientifically.

Well, it was far more quiet at the other side of the park...

There were just some nannies chasing after rich peoples kids

A little bit creepy: Alice in Wonderland statue


Some polish king-thing

Failed self-portrait

Hahaha: Passive Recreation Only. (Passive aggressive only, too?)

Romeo and Juliet at Delacorte Theater in Central Park

Two words: Plastic surgery! :)

Even more lunatic runners around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir, this view is really awesome, I would go running if I had something like this to look at... Görlitzer Park is really not the same... ;)

Only people from foreign countries WALK around here!

I like old wooden bridges and taking stupid photos, so this picture makes perfectly sense. Note to Ju: "Build a bridge and get over it" lol

A tiny deserted police station, maybe it was robbed? :)

New Yorks biggest compost pile! Look at the vapor above the pile. It smelled a little odd around there, like rotting wood, well, that's pretty much what it is...

And you can go ice-skating too. Not today (much to my chagrin, but maybe to my advantage, I am not a great ice-skater). Surprisingly there was a FILM SHOOTING

By the way, this whole thing (Lasker Rink) is a swimmingpool during summer

I found the only iceberg in New York (right next to the rink, you might have guessed). Can someone please tell Roland Emmerich? He could do another large-scale disaster film about it

Yeah, you did it, you went all the way through Central Park. And at the right pace! High Five!

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