Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Legendaryness* (captured on camera)

It was legen-wait-for-it-dary! Mumford and Sons are known to be an amazing live band. But this was beyond amazing! Oh my goodness, I want to show you the video, but it will take the whole night for only one youtube-upload. Freaking HD!!!

*The term-inator says: Yes, it's a word!

The Air Canada Center. Just to give you a hint on how big it really is. I was kind of surprised, it didn't seem that gigantic at first sight. Visual illusion or something...

That is what SOLD OUT looks like. And yep, it wasn't exactly a front row seat



Haha, all these little displays flashing. Fun Fact: I have never seen so many Blackberrys at one time. What's it with Canadians and Blackberrys? I couldn't figure out that obsession so far...

Performing "Winter Winds" (see: even more Blackberrys). It kind of occured to me: I have a thing for slightly overweight british guys wearing vests ;) I wonder, if there is a button for that. Joke refers to this (← click) picture

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