Friday, October 21, 2011

She must be sick or something... Pictures

Squirrel is late for the bus...

Because I feel sick and tired and bored of watching just another episode of Greys,
the following entry contains a lot of left-overs. Pictures are totally random, there is no connection and there is no story. So no booing!

Miss Maple found the one! I will get fat and ugly and probably not very old, but every biscuit is sooooo worth it

This is a fancy and funky art shop just around the corner of the AGO. There is the Ontario art school right next to it. The creative clientele makes it even more fun to watch. ("Overheard at art-shop" could become a column)

Abandoned records...

Seems someone got tired of good old Beethoven

Schnitzel-Queen, haven't tried one, so I can't really say if it is any good

Haven't tried that either, but liked the sign (and the blue sky as it is rare these days)

UGG Boots, yeah! But those look sheep :)

It's kind of weird, that you buy milk in bags here. There are milk cartons as well,
but this packaging is more common

Comfort food (yes, for some of us!). I still have to figure out, how to get as many family-size packs as possible into my suitcase. Its a cereal, "Lucky Charm", you can buy it at ludicrous prices in Berlin (10 Euro for a small pack)

Don't play the cool guy in the streetcar

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