Sunday, October 23, 2011


This morning in full costume and make-up, but without the certain amount of blood, that was generously donated and applied by the Zombie-Walk-Team. This was the funniest event ever, I took zillions of photos. I got a lot of compliments, especially for my forehead scar and the teeth (which are Avatar-teeth as the assistant at the Halloween-shop told me. I have never seen the movie, I just thought, those are really, really scary teeth) Well, I made two kids cry in the streetcar, which was actually a little awkward, because I had to get there somehow and most people in Toronto know about the Zombie Walk, it is kind of an institution, but the little ones, they were unfortunately uninformed. Smiling at them made it even worse. To my surprise there were a lot of kids at the Zombie Walk itself. I will sort and upload the pictures, which might take a minute or two and then I will give you the creeps. Beware!

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  1. haha, caren makes the cildren cry. das wird dir nur einmal passieren! (ju)


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