Saturday, October 8, 2011

Recent reactions

My Airbnb-host Ricky, which I haven't met yet, but already think he is
amazing, just emailed me details concerning my arrival. And THATS why I
love Canada even more than the US. Even MORE.

"I will actually be gone when you get there...but im gonna leave the back
door open for you. I will have a key on the table for you to use:)

Well, you try this in let's say California, you have three dobermans waiting
for you OR and old lady neighbour hitting you with a stick, while she is calling
the cops or just open the fire herself, when the only thing you want is go to your
room and sleep off the jet lag.

But here are the results of the german vote (randomly selected)

Ju: I don't know if I feel proud or I just want to get you admitted.

Sis: You so have to do this!

N.N: You are WHERE?

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