Thursday, October 13, 2011

O Koana da

I made it through the rain (seriously, could it rain any more?) and found the little
house I am staying in for a couple of days. I want to have one just like this in Berlin,
it's amazing. The host isn't around, but until now I got everything figured out (besides from
the yz thing, this must be a totallz different mac keyboard. where the "y" usuallz lives
(aaaah, again!) there is the "z". More important: I am superhero-thrilled about everzthing, but completely tired at the same time. I guess, I will shut my eyes for at least 12 hours
and will wake up to sun shining and birds singing (would skip the birds, if forced to choose)


  1. nu biste also da. hier scheint wenigstens die sonne. da muss ich dich nicht soooo ´beneiden. have fun!(ju)

  2. haha, es ist jetzt 6 uhr hier und ich kann nicht mehr schlafen, da oben stehen cereals mit mandeln aufm kuehlschrank, mein tag kann losgehen! (oh, es hat uebrigens aufgehoert zu regnen. drueck dir die daumen fuer deinen flug am samstag!!!

  3. warum und wielange biste eigentlich dort?


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