Saturday, October 15, 2011

mi casa es tu casa


"I have been walking to casa loma"
"Yes, it only took me 2 hours to get there"*

*coffee break included

So, no kidding, I love walking instead of taking the streetcar/subway, it's the greatest way to explore a new city. Ok, I didn't really expect it to take two freakin' hours, but well, estimating distance has never been one of my strong points.

So, casa loma: romantic castle built in 1911 by Sir Henry Mill Pellat. A rich Toronto financier, who was kind of obsessed with british gentry and architectual styles
of british castles, so he kind of mixed all his favourite ones and fulfilled his dream
with building casa loma. Kind of "Neverland" by Michael Jackson, only medieval style. It took three years to build it. Sir Henry and his wife Lady Pellat lived there before tax increases on real estate (which Sir Henrys wealth was built upon) ruined him. Its called "financial misfortune" on the castle's tour guide, I really like to call "going broke" "financial misfortune" from now on.

The library, party room as well

Guest room with the most romantic style ever, if we believe the guide

Lady Pellets bedroom. She had matching dishes and dinnerware to the pale blue
pattern, if I got that right

Sir Henrys Bathroom with Torontos first rainforest shower ever, haha

some random pictures:
I guess every city has one

Will they obey? :D
Entry to Eaton center, a three story high shopping center, two of them belowground. It's huge, you can buy everything and get a bag for it, too!

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