Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living la vida local

If you live like a local, you have to do your laundry like a local as well. There are a lot of laundromats in this area, because having a washer/dryer at home is not the standard equipment. When you live in a condo, there is usually an own laundromat for the people living in the apartments/building. In Rickys little house there is simply no space for it. But luckily there is "Papas Laundry" just around the corner at Queens. A little pricey (3$ to wash, 25 cents for 4 minutes using the dryer), but close. And you get the single-dose pack of tide at every convenience store of your choice.

I just want to come clean with everybody, interested?

Rule No.1: The washer is always right. If it won't open, even if the programme has finished, don't yell at it. Some washers might need more time to open up to foreign people (haha)

Compared to Berlin located laundromats those here are huge and clean by the way, no soapy/dirty floors. (And it's not too expensive, I just remembered, that you pay three Euro for washing, that's currently 4,19 $)

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