Monday, October 24, 2011

The typewriter orchestra

Type your heart out! I have been visiting the "Canzine" today, an event hosted by "broken pencil", a magazine of zine culture and independent arts. If you don't happen to know what zines (← click) are, wikipedia can explain it so much better (because I am new to the zine scene myself). Especially I want to note the typewriter orchestra. A new type of music (haha). Could this be any more fun? See me typing like there is no tomorrow after the jump. You might as well...


First you have to pick a typewriter. This one was kind of love at first sight, there were others, but ...



Here we go

Someone is happy! I had a typewriter as a kid, it was my most favourite gift ever. Seriously, I love the sound of typewriters. If there would be any such thing as a mac keyboard, that does the typical typewriter sound, I would buy one tomorrow. Of course it would be nice to adjust the volume, because with 10 to 20 typewriters being in use in one room, there was quite a noise (but a lovely one).


Want to read the text? ;) Oh and I learned a new word today "typewriter's cramp", which is tenosynovitis (Sehnenscheidenentzündung). No kidding: Writing is tough and exhausting, but otherwise anybody could do it :)

One of the advisers said, I would look just like the lady on the poster. Well, opinions differ...

More of the amazing Canzine in the next entry!

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